Saturday, September 4, 2010

Part-part-part time blogger

My blogging efforts border on pathetic, so now with my new Mac Mini, I hope to spend more time in this space.

Let's see, an update since New Year's Eve 2010 is in order:

December - February - Laid off, then not laid off

A stunning announcement just in time for Christmas - 60% of company tossed, followed by an agonizing 60 days of frantically looking for a new job.

On day 59, due to very, very bad planning (apparently) a few of us were offered to stay on. It was truly the epitome of the "11th-hour" concept, and it went something like this, "We changed our minds, did you want to keep your job, btw?"

Note to corporate execs: how big were your bonuses for this colossal cluster f$&# that devastated many productive employees' lives, while you all had a very happy holiday? Please save as lesson in how NOT to downsize.

February - March - Muddled through a lack-luster, depressing winter, but still lucky to have a job.

March - thank goodness for spring. Had a mid-life crisis after 55th birthday - decided to do something healthy by shedding poundage and reuniting with atrophied muscles.

March -June - Lived for July

7/17 - Christian and Mary wedded in an amazing ceremony and venue in Lakeville

7/25 - Two-week jaunt to Italy with Cathy - Positano as the appetizer, Rome as the entree (another magical wedding), and Florence as dessert

8/9 - Back to not-laid-off job (heavy sigh)

8/10 - 8/27 - Fantasize about how to move to Italy

8/28 - Wicked summer cold

9/1 - CAT Scan and Diverticulitis

9/4 - Post Hurricane Earl (the storm that never happened)

A fabulous, sunny, breezy start to Labor Day weekend.

Time to enjoy the day . . .


Almost forgot, the weight loss


eb said...

Great pics of Italy! Congrats on the weight loss. To round out your midlife crisis maybe you should shave your head and join a punk band.

Dodes said...

Or move to Italy ;-)

eb said...

Oh yeah... well there's that. That would be a much tastier mid-life crisis. Go with that one.