Monday, August 24, 2009

The Common Thread?

Last week I was watching NBC news, and when the latest sportscaster began his report, it triggered in me a nostalgia for Len Berman and his monthly "Spanning the Globe" segments. Then I thought about Len's predecessor, Marv Albert, another notable sportscaster.

My brain then took an abrupt detour (more like a U-turn) from Marv Albert to Herb Alpert.
Herb Alpert? The musician whose famous hit, "Taste of Honey" was played on my parents "record player" every weekend? Thirty years later, I didn't even know whether Herb was still with us.

The next day, a commercial that I had never seen appeared on TV, advertising a new album . . . by Herb Alpert!
I suppose stranger things can happen, but really, what were the odds of hearing about Herb Alpert two days in a row?
And how come this never happens when I think about someone I really want to see?
The pattern is always the same . A random thought about someone I haven't heard about in years, is followed shortly thereafter by news, phone call, or a personal encounter with that person.
Just wish I could will it to happen...