Friday, November 27, 2009

Lost the Election but Kept the Breast...

Well, the breast wasn't ever in danger of being lost, but I'll bet the dramatic title doubled my number of readers (2 to 4).

Final election count was about 1485 for the Republican incumbent to 1035, my Dem debut. The independent candidate had less than votes. For my first run for elective office, I'm thrilled with the results.

As for the "palpable mass" in my right breast, it's nothing malignant. Mammogram, ultrasound, and needle biopsy say so.

Speaking of mammograms, a study was just published that recommended an incredulous, and horrifying, change in the age at which women should begin routine annual screenings for breast cancer. Some brainiacs decided that too many false positive results led to too many unnecessary biopsies and that women should wait until age 50, instead of 40, to commence with annual mammograms.

I don't have a strong enough word in my vocabulary that comes close to my opinion of their opinions.

Let's just say that I hope they will never, EVER, be allowed to work on projects more important than shoveling shit at circuses. And even that wouldn't be fair to the elephants.


eb said...

Merry Holidays, glad you got to keep the breast. Here's to keeping breasts in 2010.

Dodes said...

Thank you eb! I've been remiss with my blog.