Monday, August 24, 2009

The Common Thread?

Last week I was watching NBC news, and when the latest sportscaster began his report, it triggered in me a nostalgia for Len Berman and his monthly "Spanning the Globe" segments. Then I thought about Len's predecessor, Marv Albert, another notable sportscaster.

My brain then took an abrupt detour (more like a U-turn) from Marv Albert to Herb Alpert.
Herb Alpert? The musician whose famous hit, "Taste of Honey" was played on my parents "record player" every weekend? Thirty years later, I didn't even know whether Herb was still with us.

The next day, a commercial that I had never seen appeared on TV, advertising a new album . . . by Herb Alpert!
I suppose stranger things can happen, but really, what were the odds of hearing about Herb Alpert two days in a row?
And how come this never happens when I think about someone I really want to see?
The pattern is always the same . A random thought about someone I haven't heard about in years, is followed shortly thereafter by news, phone call, or a personal encounter with that person.
Just wish I could will it to happen...


eb said...

This exact thing happened to me last week. I have a painting that hangs over our stove painted by someone I haven't seen in at least 2 years, maybe more. Thursday I was looking at that painting and wondering where the artist was and just thinking I hadn't seen her in a very long time.

Friday night I was at an event and guess who came walking in the door? Yep. She saw my car in the parking lot and decided to stop in to say hi.

Perhaps you are willing it to happen.

Dodes said...

thanks for sharing -- nice to hear about other strange cosmic occurrences!