Thursday, April 9, 2009

Another Precious Aunt

Aunt Alice is in hospice in Florida. I planned to visit her at the end of April but it looks as if I won't have the opportunity to say goodbye in person.

She is in her early 90s. She is one of my mom's best friends. She will be SORELY missed. She is a woman BEYOND "ahead of her time."

I will miss her unconditional love and support, her funny wit, and her subconscious habit of rolling the edge of tablecloths and hems while she speaks.

My thoughts are with her five children, my dear cousins, and her husband, Al. He won't know what to do without her.

She doesn't want an obituarY or a service, as if she never existed...

Sorry Aunt Alice, you're not going to get away that easily!

I love you darling. Say hi to Mom and Dad. Diane and I will catch up with each other in person, very, very soon. I'm sorry I missed you, please forgive me.

I will find a good photo, scan it, and post it. Maybe one of happier days on a cruise w/ Mom and Dad!


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weese said...

peace aunt alice