Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Inauguration

I've already had tears in my eyes while watching the Inauguration this morning. So many people at the Capitol -- it's mind-blowing.

Wow, Al and Tipper Gore following Dan Quayle down the steps to the platform. It took me a minute to remember Quayle's name -- evidence of his lack of an imprint on American history.

George H.W. and Barbara Bush enter. The only exciting thing there is that George is moments away from returning to civilian life, having challenged the entire Middle East with stupid phrases like "Bring it on" and "Shock and Awe." What a maroon.

It's a miracle the world is still intact, in spite of his devastating eight years in a position of power so undeserved and FAR beyond his abilities.

Speaking of inept, Cheney is in a wheel chair today because he hurt his back while moving boxes from his office yesterday. Ha! Karma for shooting his friend while hunting.

Jimmie and Rosalyn Carter, I've always loved them -- epitome of decency.

Bill and Hillary next. Bill's not looking happy, no smiles. You can almost hear his thoughts, perhaps something like "This should be Hillary's and MY day..."

As much as I like Hillary, I hate to admit that if she had won the Presidency, this inauguration day would have been lackluster.

Barack is in a league of his own, able to attract more than one million people on a freezing cold day. The excitement is palpable, the attendance overwhelming.

The military bands and intros of the former Presidents. Their appearances easily emphasize Obama's youth and energy. Nice touch!

The long shot of the mall packed with people is breathtaking.

The moment is almost here, they just announced the Obama girls, what a couple of cuties! And their grandmother. Right on, Mrs. Robinson! Your help as a caretaker paid off in ways you probably never imagined.

Laura Bush and Lynn Cheney, yawn. Nice, but not impressed w/ either. Stepford-like, ya know?

Michele and Jill, the new ladies in charge, looking fabulous! So classy, both of them, and not afraid to share their opinions either...

George and Dick will be next, can't wait to see the wheelchair again. Maybe he'll try to enter walking, out of sheer pride.

Nope, he's being wheeled out and hangs a LEFT to go down the ramp. How sweet is the irony in his being forced to go left?

George makes his last appearance as "President of the United States," or POTUS for "West Wing" fans.

George kisses Hillary, now that's a photo op!

Joe Biden next, looking competent.

The camera takes a peek at Barack as he approaches the entrance and stops to wait for his announcement.

The NBC voice over suggests what a lonely moment this must be for Barack, truly carrying the weight of the world.

Old white guys next, followed by Diane Feinstein and Nancy Pelosi.

Please be quiet and move out of the way. I can't stand it.

Regal trumpet-playing reminds me of a coronation.

And then, an unbelievable ROAR from the crowd, and a shot over the mall of hundreds of thousands little flags waving through the crowd like flocks of birds.

People cry. What a sight for this challenged country's eyes! It is one of the most memorable events in decades.

Diane Feinstein speaks briefly. Love her.

A prayer comes next -- sudden silence.

Personally, I could have done w/o the Our Father--it doesn't belong in politics.

ARETHA, sporting a wild hat with an oversized bow, sings My Country Tis of Thee.

Her finale, "Let freedom ring" brings on another ROAR.

Joe's sworn in at 11:57 a.m., January 20, 2009. Pretty good timing.

Itzhak Perlman and Yo-Yo Ma, holy cow. Beautiful, moving strings.

Lone clarinet plays 'Air and Simple Gifts' followed by a mix of piano, strings, clarinet.

It's here -- THE OATH! Justice Roberts mixes up the words -- how embarrassing for him. Maybe next time he'll bring the cheat sheet. What was he thinking?

Barack gracefully makes his promise, and the Marine band plays.

I think of my father. Wherever his soul is today, he is watching this with tears in his eyes. He was a very proud World War II, Iwo Jima Marine, 5th Division.

President Barack Obama.



eb said...

Yes, it was a happy day.

I could do without the whole religious component entirely. I wouldn't mind some sort of invocation about harnessing the good energy the the day brought and the karmic effect of doing good.

I find it interesting that Obama is young, I'm only six months older than him, but I'm old. How the hell does that work?

Yeah yeah, it's all relative.

KMae said...

it was a fAbulous day!!!
This was a good accounting of it!
Aretha's hat sucked, but no one can top that voice!
I was bawling.