Sunday, December 28, 2008

Can we have Thanksgiving earlier next year?

Did anyone notice that we had one less weekend between Thanksgiving and Christmas in 2008?

Talk about cramming 10 lbs of #^&* into a 5 lb bag!

Thanksgiving came and went, and it left me depressed for a variety of reasons: mother/daughter strife, prospect of waking up alone Xmas a.m. for the second consecutive year, and money issues.

I thought seriously about not having my annual holiday party because I simply wasn't motivated. Over the next week or so, I voiced my thoughts and concerns to a couple of close friends, and they all encouraged me to go for it.

I said, "F^@* it." and decided the party would be the only remedy for my malaise.

And so, on a snowy evening, when the roads weren't the best, 30 people still showed up at my house, and life began to look brighter.

Thank you 30 people for the pick-me-up, the pot luck and bottle luck, and especially for the non-perishable food items.

Your good will and generosity heartened me as I dropped off three boxes of canned and dry goods, paper items, and toiletries to the local shelter.

The food drive will be an integral part of my holiday party going forward.

And, the 30 people, plus those that could not make it this year, will forever be an integral part of my life

You're the best!!!!


eb said...

30+ friends? That's a lot of friends.

Saying f%&$ it usually does the trick. Glad your friends were able to talk you into it.

Dodes said...

It didn't take much arm twisting.