Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Broadcast News aka Cry Me a River

There are a couple of scenes in the movie Broadcast News in which Holly Hunter lets off steam every time she's emotionally overwhelmed.

She goes off alone and bursts into tears for a brief period, less than a minute.

Then she composes herself and re-enters the present.

I think I was the prototype for that character, except, sometimes, I don't have the control to save it until I'm alone.

When I am feeling like that, all it takes is someone saying to me, "What's wrong?"

The brief tears are an emotional "boiling over" like a pan of water on High.

Once it occurs, I automatically switch to Low and simmer. I feel totally relieved.

It used to be embarrassing, though I'm used to it now. I don't think I've had a boss, friend, or relative who hasn't seen me cry like that.

If I could turn the angry tears into a well-thought-out argument, I'd probably be further along in my career.

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